Palatul Mogosoaia. Mogoşoaia Palace.


Asta e o alta destinatie pe care o recomand cu placere celor care cauta o iesire in natura aproape de Bucuresti. Se afla la aproximativ 12, 13 km de Bucuresti pe soseaua Bucuresti-Targoviste. Se poate ajunge, cu masina, maxi-taxi, bicicleta, tren…

In linii mari veti gasi,  lacul Mogosoaia care are si doua insule,  palatul Mogosoaia care se poate vizita intre orele 10 si 17 daca tin eu bine minte, o padure prin care te poti plimba in voie indiferent cat de cald e afara, multe flori pt indragostiti si nu numai, iarba multa pt picnic si pt a te juca, restaurante si terase unde se poate manca foarte bine.

In concluzie e o destinatie perfecta pt cei care cauta o iesire apropiata din aglomeratia capitalei.

Sper ca pozele sa va faca pofta 🙂


72 de gânduri despre „Palatul Mogosoaia. Mogoşoaia Palace.

  1. Am încercat sa-ți mulțumesc pentru superbele fotografii despre flori si trandafiri! Sunt si pe la noi prin Canada, dar cei fotografiați de tine înfloresc numai prin livezile neștiute decât de cărările dorului meu.

    kitchener, ontario

  2. Si mie imi place mult la Mogosoaia, am decoperit locul de mai multi ani pentru ca lucrez in turism si ma facut niste poze superbe acolo cam in toate anotimpurile; insa vad ca pe blog nu prea sunt poze din natura cu marea inteleg ca preferati zonele montane? 🙂 Bafta in continuare!

    • Din 10 ocazii, 8 le-as petrece pe munte si 2 la mare :)deci prefer zonele montane. La Mogosoaia e foarte frumos si sper sa se pastreze la fel. Ai o meserie foarte frumoasa si esti o norocoasa, felicitari.
      Toate cele bune Sophia.

  3. a magnificent park, such classic and detailed architecture and English boxed hedge garden, i could spend a lifetime there. thank you for your wonderful photos as always and a chance to see such beauty up close, as you did.

    and thank you as always for liking my words, i always enjoy seeing your Gravatar on my pages. 🙂

      • haha, no they haven’t left, still planning and raising money doing benefit concerts. i will ask my wife to give me some links to videos of her students performing, so you can hear their wonderful music.

        brâncovenesc., thank you for this description, i am unfamiliar with this style or architect. we have here in Chicago, 263 classic park field houses designed in a very similar style, the most of any city in America.

        we’ll talk again my friend,::::enjoy:::::

      • Well then good luck to tight funds. Cannot wait to see videos. I’m curious 🙂

        Means you have beautiful buildings, because it’s a very interesting style.

        Regards my friend.

      • Andrei, so sorry for this late reply but the videos are only on my wife’s Facebook page and we don’t know how to create a link from there, we have been trying. ;-(

        we’ll figure something out because now it has become my new challenge! 🙂

      • i found something for you, this is my wife’s most talented student in the 25 years she has been teaching and she was her only teacher since age 3. she recently competed at the ASTA competition in NY, very prestigious by invitation only. Emma Steele, enjoy. 🙂

      • I have no words, it’s very wonderful. I did not expect, as talent and a lot of work
        My congratulations to his wife and daughters.
        You made ​​the day more beautiful, thank mate.

      • you are most welcome.

        that whole family is a miracle! ALL of them are so talented and inspiring, they live to create. my wife was very fortunate to have such incredible students, but she is also a great teacher.

        she created the Children’s Academy almost 25 years ago from nothing, at a prestigious university.

        she is something special as well, it’s why i write so much about her!

  4. This is amazing. This is a palace? We got weird, more materialistic when we even advanced with technology. Technology enables us to cover more area with less space. This to me is a nice large family home or office building.

  5. What a beautiful palace! The flowers, the trees and the unique architecture give such regal and romantic atmosphere.

  6. This park is really beautiful, he must be pleasant to walk there.
    I adore the roses too.
    Thank you for photos.
    Good evening.

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